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Teenagers and Addictions

Scientific study has learned that 90% of individuals obsessed with alcohol or drugs started out their own addiction while they were still in high school. Another astonishing fact can be the fact that 75% of students in the US have used tobacco, drugs and alcohol. And that 20% of them have grown to be dependent. By far the most abused chemical substance in teenaged school students is actually drinking alcohol. Cigarettes will come in next, and then pot in addition to pharmaceuticals. The medical prescription substance abuse involves narcotic pain relievers as well as medicine prescribed by doctors for add. The more youthful a child is when they begin to use addictive chemicals, the higher the possibility that they’re going to turn out to be addicted. Adolescents tend to be risk takers and can often be predisposed to tinkering with habit forming chemical substances because the part of the human brain that regulates thought and common sense isn’t thoroughly produced.

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