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State or Federally Funded Treatment Centers

Going to a rehab facility for an alcohol or drug addiction can be very expensive-especially if you do not possess insurance or your insurance plan won’t take care of the treatment. The good news is, you can find state or federally backed treatment centers which help individuals who can’t afford to fund a treatment program.

Treatment facilities that are generally financed by the federal or state government might not be totally free, even so. Some rehab centers operate on a sliding fee scale. In other words, individuals must pay a certain fee amount which is based upon income. These treatment centers may well allow for the arrangement of payment plans.

Some state or federally backed programs are just offered to those who have obtained recommendations through agencies that are absorbing the cost or from court. In addition there are programs which require individuals to accomplish particular steps in order to remain qualified to receive free therapy. These steps may include participating in 12-step group meetings, checking in every day as evidence that therapy genuinely wanted, and being free from all addictive substances before commencing therapy.

It may not be simple to receive therapy via state or federally financed treatment centers, however saving thousands of dollars on treatment can certainly make the task really worth the time.

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