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Shared bedrooms in rehab

One of the hardest things for the addict to manage is becoming clean, many of them think that nobody is aware of what they are going through and dealing with. Shared rooms in rehab generally bring about lifelong friendships with someone who has been there when the addict was at the lowest. Suffering withdrawals and fighting through addiction along with someone else can really help an addict be aware that they aren’t the only person. The basic support of having someone to talk to in the middle of the evening can certainly help a drug addict, by permitting commiseration and planning towards a future.

Even though romances aren’t encourages among addicts at rehab, friendships are encouraged. No one understands exactly what a drug addict is going through unless of course they are there or are there themselves. Shared rooms at rehab may also be a problem when there exists discord between roommates. Even so shared encounters can be the preparation for a encouraging and helpful friendship.

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