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Rihanna Rehab

Music sensation Rihanna has long been on top of billboard charts any time she launches a completely new single she makes. However, when she released the tune “Rehab”, it sparked much discussion regarding the actual context and meaning of the song. No, it does not have to do anything with drugs or sexuality. The deep and gloomy undertone of the song genuinely had most people questioning if the music was about her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown.

Since you may well already recognize, Rihanna used to date the RNB artist a several of years before. They had a fine connection, taking into consideration Hollywood standards, until an episode left Rihanna with a bloody face. Apparently, Brown had beaten her inside of a car in the course of an disagreement. They had broken up after that, of course. The track made fans wonder if it is concentrated to Chris Brown, primarily how close the lyrics were to detailing their connection.

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