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Prescription Drug Abuse

When you turn on your TV these days, you will regularly hear of celebrities and other community leaders abusing prescribed medicine. While not all celebrities abuse drugs, being highly visible definitely gets them more interest. The most serious and significant news of prescription medicine abuse was with the death of pop legend Michael Jackson. The singer, after his death, found to be abusing Propofol and a cocktail of other medications.

Prescription medications don’t work like well-known recreational drugs. These medications affect the taker by changing the mood or eliminating pain. Even so, due to its subtle yet effective manifestations, people who take them typically never want the feeling to disappear. Therefore, they take an increasing number of amounts to increase the effects of the drugs. Needless to say, with all types of abuse there is often a threshold in which the human body will take any longer. Finally, all of it leads to an overdose.

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