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Suicides rising in US economic crisis

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By James Thompson , a psychologist in Texas, USA: Recession related suicides skyrocket in Houston, Texas Peoples Weekly World Newspaper, 07/23/09 07:07 HOUSTON An article in the Houston Chronicle on recently documents a dramatic jump in suicides in Houston since the onset of the recession. It points out that many suicides are directly related to the loss of jobs and property as a result of the economic crisis . Total number of suicides in Harris County jumped from 364 in 20

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Tito Jackson Talks About Michaels Alleged Drug Problems

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Older brother says family planned military-style intervention with Michael. By Gil Kaufman Tito Jackson Photo: Simon James/WireImage For years, the Jackson family largely presented a unified, denial-filled front in response to allegations of Michael Jacksons alleged addiction to prescription medication. But, following in the footsteps of sister LaToya, who was paid to speak to a British tabloid about her feelings that Michael was murdered by a shadowy group of c

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Confirmation: The Jackson Family Attempted An Intervention For Michael Jackson

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The Jackson family tried to perform an intervention with Michael but the drugs and slimy handlers would not let that happen: Tito Jackson, the late Michael Jacksons brother, has spoken out and confirmed rumors that he and his siblings did, in fact, try to stage an intervention for the troubled singer, who was struggling with an addiction to prescription drugs before his death Continue

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Tito Jackson Breaks Silence on MJ Intervention Attempts

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by ThecounT on July 15, 2009brothersTito Jackson spoke to the Mirror.uk.co, telling a story of great denial and disconnect regarding his brother, Michael Jackson.Tito on MJs drug use:I never saw him on drugs. Not once. He deliberately did it away from us. He didnt want his family to know anything about that part of himHe did almost everything in his power to make sure we didnt know.Tito on intervention attempts:We had to act. It was me, my sisters Janet, Rebbie and La Toya and my brother

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Janet Jackson Reportedly Planned an Intervention on Michael in 2007

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Photo: Funk/MJ Memorial/WireImage Janet Jackson reportedly attempted to set up an intervention in 2007 to confront Michael Jackson about his addiction to painkillers, a pair of sources told CNN . According to the report, Janet recruited her brothers to help stage the intervention, however Michael told his bodyguards to prevent his family from entering his property and refused to accept phone calls from his mother Katherine, CNN reports. Click to read.

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