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Narcotics Anonymous in Turkey

Narcotics Anonymous is actually a beneficial organisation that does not only assist people coping with in america, but worldwide. Many locations in both the Far eastern in addition to Civilized world hold Narcotic Anonymous meeting and conventions, which includes Turkey.

The initial Narcotics Anonymous conference which was presented in Turkey was in the year of 1993. After that, the Narcotics Anonymous group grew even larger in Turkey and border nations. These days, Narcotics Anonymous features 3 or more NA groups within Istanbul plus one in Ankara, Fethiye along with Gaziantep. The Narcotic Anonymous groups in these sites execute Area Service Committee Meetings in three month time periods. Consequently, this reveals regardless of where on earth you happen to be, if you’re looking for assistance for yourself or maybe a family member dependent on drugs, NA is often a valuable selection.

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