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Information: Our National Addiction

The world wide web myspace, cigarettes, drinking, T.V., you name it. People are addicted. It is human nature to be addicted. Do we choose our addictions or do they choose us? Is it in our genes? Who knows? But the fact of national addiction remains. National addiction to drama. National addiction to the soap operas of other people’s lives. National addiction to the tragedies of the day we find on the ten o’clock news. When does it become an addiction? Today as a nation we face the ever growing fact of technological over-stimulation. With the bombardment of information that came with the internet, the nation has become dependent on, what else, information. But that is human nature right? Even biblical nature. Ever since Eve ate that apple from the Tree of Knowledge, mankind has been hungry for more. We, the people, cannot get enough information! It runs our lives! Since we now have worlds of information at our fingertips, we have begun to ask even more questions.

Of all the things to be addicted to, information seems to be one of the most positive. Our national addiction to technological brainfood may be making us evolve more quickly, or it may just be giving us headaches. Only time will tell. But in the meantime the world is definitely getting more and more interesting. But because this abundance of information is still young in human history, it is at its age of infancy and we are still learning how to process it well. We have a long long way to go before we are able to harness all of this information and use it to create world peace and harmony. But little pockets of goodness are beginning to pop up. It’s now easier to spread the word about problems that we face such as global warming, poverty, addiction. People are able to find out where to get help for things when they need it. We are learning and adapting and beginning to control our nation’s addiction to information. And someday it may stop being our addiction and just be used more as a tool. Or not.

Our nation’s more negative addiction is that addiction to oil and fossil fuels, which needs to change soon. The earth and human kind are both dying due to this addiction. We must, as a nation, come together to create alternative and efficient fuel systems. Once we break our dependence on oil we will have less war, a cleaner world, more air to breathe, and we will be able to enjoy our positive national addiction to information much longer, due to our years on this earth being extended. Oil has to be one of the most wasteful national addictions we can have. It sucks the life out of the earth, it’s ugly, it’s toxic, it causes war, greed and corruption. The only thing good about it is that it let’s us drive to mama’s house. Other than that, it’s lame. Let’s come up with an alternative. Something that will help our garden grow and create jobs. Come on people! Let’s put together a twelve step for that one.

I appreciate you for allowing me to clear my mind. I hope this gave you some small amount of entertainment you.

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