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Finding an Al-Anon meeting

I want help finding an Al-Anon meeting. Not needed for myself, it’s pertaining to my friend. One of my own best friends is residing together with her mother, and the woman’s parent is a raging alcoholic. Life seems to have become truly dismal for her simply because of it and consequently the lady sometimes ends up crashing at my own place just to escape. A number of times, I’ve woken up to my buddy sobbing in the middle of the night over this whole thing. She is actually just fifteen years old. She is really indeed being considerably broken through her mom’s alcoholism. And I actually didn’t understand precisely what to do. None of my close friends or I did. Luckily, I’ve constantly got my own mom. I proceeded to go to my mom and revealed to her about this situation. My mother thinks that it simply isn’t worth it to help get my friend out of this home for good, a little too much legal bs and all that. However, my mom is certain that the household should probably commence organizing an intervention regarding this mom as well as that my very good friend can begin heading to Al-Anon meetings.

My mother told us she would need to get in communications together with my friend’s mom’s mom and father and also get these folks planning on the intervention, which is a big deal merely because my mom isn’t even close with my friends mom. I admire her with regard to getting involved. I’m concentrating upon my good friend as well as these Al-Anon meetings. Al-Anon are support groups just like AA groups, yet with regard to the particular close friends and relations of alcoholics, principally the kids. According to my own mom, my good friend fit’s this particular bill completely for Al-Anon meetings. I don’t want my friend to wind up all screwed up when she gets more mature just because of her mom. Something has got to be done and in addition I believe that Al-Anon is pretty much that.

But I am having a particularly frustrating time tracking down these particular Al-Anon meetings. How do you go in relation to seeking out the Al-Anon meeting? I’m just seventeen years old, I haven’t actually ever been concerned with any of this kind of stuff. I don’t know just what the hell I’m doing. I simply know that my friend wants assistance and consequently that I am going to do whatever I currently have to do to be able to get the girl the support she needs. I think she can feel like hardly any one knows about exactly what the girl is going through, and I think she is write. The rest of our classmates don’t deal with anything like this. I think if she were actually to go to Al-Anon meetings, the girl might see she isn’t alone and consequently my friend might have the particular understanding and support the girl searches for instead of only us supporting. So, help me personally obtain this lady some help!

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