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Eating Disorders and Drug Addiction

Research has shown that there’s a direct relationship concerning eating disorders along with drug addiction. These kinds of studies likewise demonstrate that those people experiencing extreme instances of eating disorders may resort to drug abuse to help preserve their own eating disorders. As an example, consider an anorexic woman that’s combating image troubles. Using stimulants such as cocaine will help to keep the woman’s bodyweight off because among the many side effects of cocaine can be weight reduction.

Since eating disorders undoubtedly are a psychological condition, people that are afflicted by eating disorders along with drug addictions need to be handled for both conditions together. There isn’t any distinct design relating to the disorders and future addictive problems. The craving is often a result of the actual illness or perhaps the other way around. It is actually up to the counselor to decide on the very best plan of action in treating an individual with co-occurring issues. Dealing with both ailments simultaneously is called dual diagnosis.

On the other hand, it’s not necessarily unheard of for psychiatrists to overlook the connection regarding the eating disorders plus abusing drugs. If the association isn’t discovered, the person will likely be treated for 1 problem and not one other. Once this situation arises, it is extremely easy for the affected person to relapse as soon as therapy regarding one particular condition ends. Fortunately, a lot more consciousness has been unveiled in the populace with regards to the perils associated with eating disorders plus the harmful addictions that will follow subsequently. Even so, given that the media portrays loveliness for being not less than 5’7 and less than a hundred and fifteen lbs, young ladies will continue to suffer from self-image issues.

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