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Bill W.

William Griffith Wilson, basically generally known as Bill W. to many people, is best famous for his guidance in co-founding Alcoholic Anonymous (AA). His personal narrative is to some degree comparable to others who have struggled having an dependence on alcohol. From the challenges in his life to consuming his very first drink, almost everything appeared to spiral out of control. It was eventually while in World War 1 when Wilson’s existence would certainly change permanently due to drink. It was not a long time before Bill would become a full blown addict.

He grew to be scared and couldn’t imagine that he possessed the wherewithall to avoid drinking on his own, which brought him to seek out help. The Oxford Group, an evangelical organization would provide him with a few of the resources, support and knowledge which he found it necessary to stay away from alcohol while teaching him the value of assisting other folks in his mission. Shortly after, Bill W. as well as the Oxford Group collaborated to make the 12-step program still used by those struggling with alcohol addiction currently. While he died in this life in 1971 because of other health troubles, he was sober and had been for 37 years.

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