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Betty Ford

Betty Ford has acquired a great deal of worldwide recognition as the creator of The Betty Ford Clinic, a recovery facility focused upon giving treatment for those struggling with alcohol consumption as well as substance abuse. In addition to this particular achievement, she also served as First Lady of the United States from 1974 until 1977. However, her facility wouldn’t be created until 1982, following she would recover from her own being addicted to prescriptions drugs along with alcohol consumption.

Mrs. Ford’s addiction started off with prescribed medicines for a authentic medical condition, a pinched nerve. It wouldn’t be long before she grew to become reliant upon the drugs as well as alcohol consumption. It was 1978 before her loved ones would get involved. In her book, she speaks of numerous components of her very own addiction journey, which includes the way the prescription medication and also alcohol consumption had made her come to feel. Despite the fact that Mrs. Ford has perished, her legacy will continue to survive through The Betty Ford Clinic.

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