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60 day Eating Disorder Treatment Centers

In an effort to effectively triumph over an eating disorder, it’s often necessary to enroll in a 60 day eating disorder treatment plan. While going to a 30 day program can assist someone figure out how to alter the habits involving his or her eating disorder, experts agree it normally takes longer-at least 60 days-for a person to figure out how to make alterations as well as to actually carry out these alterations.

Therapy through a 60 day program frequently requires working together with physicians, psychologists, therapists, and nutritionists who may have focused upon supporting people who have eating disorders. Meal plans and meal times are supervised and assistance is constantly offered. Group treatment and family therapy are often important parts of the treatment.

Eating disorder programs may additionally include things like classes which help prepare people for life when they leave the treatment center. These instructional classes give people techniques for coping with impulse control, feelings toward food, and body image. Examples of classes include Self-Esteem Class, Fitness Instruction, Meal Preparation Training, Living Well Class, and Relapse Prevention Skills.

Many 60 day eating disorder treatment centers provide aftercare. People are usually in a position to make contact with follow-up counselors and therapists as-needed if they are dealing with recovery after their treatment has been successfully completed.

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